Road closures

Road closures

As a Jericho resident, you may be affected by some brief road closures. If you are not intending to drive during the closures, you can leave your car parked as normal. The map below shows the route and road restrictions.

  • Blue race route – CLOSED from 8:30–10:00am
  • Red race route – CLOSED from 8:30–12:30am

If you’re not running, please come and give the runners a cheer as they dash past your door!

Run Jericho Run Flyer with Map
Roads closed between 8:30–12:30am: Canal Street, Cardigan Street and sections of Albert Street.

Roads closed between 8:30–10:00am: Albert Street, sections of Allam Street, sections of Cranham Street, sections of Great Clarendon Street, Mount Street, Nelson Street, Richmond Road, St. Barnabas Street, Victor Street, sections of Wellington Street, and Worcester Place.

  • G&D's Ice Cream Cafe
  • Worcester College
  • 001 Taxis
  • The Quirky Barbers
  • Tree Artisan Cafe
  • Marleybones Sustainable Dog Dining
  • Coop
  • The Jericho Cafe
  • Cothill House
  • Minns Estates
  • Lucy Properties
  • Harcourt Arms
  • Somerville College
  • Mamma Mia Pizzeria
  • The Old Book Binders
  • Paul Southouse Architects
  • New College

Key information

Registration is now open!


Sunday 11th June 2023


St. Barnabas Primary School, Hart Street, Oxford, OX2 6BN


  • 8:00 check-in
  • 9:00 1-mile race starts
  • 9:35 5K race starts
  • 9:45 10K race starts

For more information, visit race day FAQs. Please read our COVID-19 information prior to coming to the event.

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